Children Ministry
Serves as a resource to provide the impetus for effective children’s ministry (babies to 10 years); This ministry will offer guidance, counsel, and mentoring for children in their personal Christian growth and development as a group.

Christian Education Ministry
This ministry will provide leadership in the church's programs for adult and children education. It will plan and focus educational programs for the total adult and children education in coordination with the Director of the Children Ministry and Director of the Youth Ministry.

Church Administrator
The church administrator is responsible for managing the business affairs of the church and working with church members and staff to achieve the church’s mission and objectives. This person must also be very organized, have excellent people skills and be able to maintain strict confidentiality;

Communication Ministry
Communications ministry shall oversee all aspects of communication for the Chimney Rock Ministries Church including publications, signs, church bulletins, church website, Face Book page, and announcements.

Culinary Ministry
The Culinary ministry is responsible for managing the Food Department of Chimney Rock Ministries church and make reports to the Church Board and an annual report to the congregation.

Finance Ministry
The Finance ministry is responsible for recording and depositing all monetary contributions made to the church. This ministry is also responsible for quarterly and yearly contribution reports to the individual members.

Greeter Ministry
The Greeters shall be responsible for greeting and providing bulletins and offering envelopes to worshippers, and directing the visitors to seating, providing visitor greeting cards, as well as to collect offerings, assist worshippers during inclement weather and those with special access needs, maintain order during service, and supervise parking as needed.

Music Ministry
The Minister of Music shall conduct the Choir and Praise Team practices and performances, manage personnel issues, and select music and songs in cooperation with the Senior Pastor. The Minister of Music shall also oversee the purchase, maintenance and repair of Church instruments.

Outreach Ministry
This ministry will be the bridge of communication between the church and temporarily absent members of the church. It is to let them know that they loved and missed by the church family.
Visitors follow up with visitors to Chimney Rock Ministries Church by mail, email, phone, or text and maintain a register of same.

      New Members - will ensure that new members are welcomed and will assign mentors to orient them to the congregation.

      Absentee Members - The ministry will contact members who are absent to ascertain their status and determine if a need exists that should be brought to the attention of the pastor.

The purchaser is responsible for the purchase and procurement of product and supplies that are required in fulfilling the mission and vision of Chimney Rock Ministries Church. This is an extremely crucial and challenging job, the purchaser has to be vigilant enough to find bargains, not duplicate purchases, and acquire quality products.

Sunday School Superintendent
The Sunday School Superintendent shall be responsible for promoting and encouraging the success of the Sunday School classes and activities, working with teachers to increase enrollment in Sunday School.

Sunday School Teachers
Sunday school teachers and other instructors shall be responsible for teaching biblically-based lessons appropriate to the age and grade level of their students. to secure a substitute teacher for a planned absence no later than one week prior to the planned absence, and to report the weekly class attendance/offering record to the Sunday School Secretary.

Sunday School Secretary
The Sunday School Secretary shall be responsible for maintaining the Church-wide weekly record of Sunday school attendance and offerings given in Sunday School classes, and reporting the same to the Sunday School Superintendent.

The Tellers are responsible for counting the weekly offerings from Sunday School, Sunday Worship, and the Building Fund, along with any special offerings, inputting information from the offering envelopes, preparing deposit and teller slips, delivering deposits to the bank, and supplying offering envelopes to the Financial Accountant for archiving.

Women Ministry
The Women’s Ministry of Chimney Rock Ministries Church exists to build a community of godly women; Develop and coordinate women’s small group Bible studies and monthly meetings; Mentor and disciple women of the church, helping them to grow spiritually;

Youth Ministry Director
Serves as a resource to provide the impetus for an effective Youth ministry (age 11-17); This ministry will offer guidance, counsel, and mentoring for children in their personal Christian growth and development as a group.

Other Offices

Building Committee Coordinator
The Building Committee Coordinator:
Organize, promote, and coordinate the Building committee; work with the Church Board Chairman and the executive pastor to achieve the building goals of CRMC. The Coordinator shall also consult with the Senior Pastor before any contractual agreements are made.

Building Fund Chairman
The building fund Chairperson shall bring to the staff meetings ideas for fundraising activities and plans for implementation in coordination with other activities and CRM goals.